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Along Al Wasl Road, HealthBay Gastroenterology & Digestive Care offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services for digestive health, in a safe and relaxing environment.

Villa #977, Al Wasl Road
(next to J3 Mall)

Sunday to Friday
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Closed on Saturdays

*Complimentary valet parking is available

At HealthBay Gastroenterology & Digestive Care, we strive to deliver the highest standard of focused digestive healthcare and achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients through evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge technology across a range of interrelated disciplines all under one roof. Covering every organ system and physiological process involved in the digestive process, including dental care, ENT, gastroenterology, hepatology and internal medicine, our specialists help ensure your digestive health is in total harmony.

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    • Medical Team
    • Our Services

    Dr. Anuja Bidkar

    Specialist Anesthesia

    Dr. Dhiraj Nakra

    Specialist Anesthesia

    Dr. Evan O’Malley

    General Dentist

    Dr. Federica Fabris

    Specialist Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Filippos Georgopoulos

    Consultant - Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Guinwa Khaddaj

    Specialist Gastroenterologist/Endoscopist

    Dr. Hosam Al-Qudah

    Consultant Urologist

    Dr. Katalin Kalmar

    Specialist General, Colon & Rectal Surgeon

    Dr. Katia El Sibai

    Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetes and Metabolism

    Dr. Manaf Kandakji

    Consultant Urology

    Dr. Neil Philip Galletly

    Consultant in Gastroenterology and Hepatology &
    GCAA Specialist Aeromedical Examiner in Gastroenterology

    Dr. Nicole Perez Blanc

    Specialist ENT

    Prof. Dr. Olaf Ulf Arndt

    Consultant ENT

    Dr. Vasile Sebastian Cuzincu

    Consultant Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine

    Dr. Vesna Markovic Mrdak

    General and Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. Zrinka Zderic Savatovic

    General Practitioner

    Dr. Zsuzsanna Ricz

    Specialist Paediatrician

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