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24 Mar 2022

Youthful and Natural Appearance

In our contemporary dynamic life, consciously or not, we are under great social media pressure and influence that yields us to higher lifestyle standard expectations with a major focus on beauty perfection.

If you are considering an aesthetic procedure, the first thing to do is to consult with an experienced and trained practitioner, where you can get an individual assessment with a personalized beautification plan to preserve the youthful appearance while maintaining a natural look.

The best approach is a combination of procedures. Our focus today are injectables as mesotherapy, botulinum, toxin, and/or fillers.

Mesotherapy is a customized blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and/or hyaluronic acids that are placed just under the skin’s surface by multiple injection points, to stimulate collagen production and boost hydration. It can improve the overall appearance of your skin, alleviating the typical signs of aging.

The botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant. It relaxes the targeted muscle (ex. frontalis on the forehead), which in turn relaxes and smoothes the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead. Also, it can be used for treatment of lines between the eyebrows, the outer corners of the eyes, and medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating.

Dermal filler, today are sophisticated made of HA, a substance that’s found naturally in the body, thus making it much safer than previous procedures.

Many fillers contain a variety of products that can be used to treat different areas, from fine lines on more delicate parts of the face to deep skin-restoring of the loss of bone and adipose tissue, till the lip contouring and lips enhancement.

Never hesitate to get the support in restoring your stellar youthful look!

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