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31 May 2021

Tips During Workouts in the Summer Heat

Work out well, when the sun is up!

Summer is here! This is also the time when many around the world are confined to their homes if not completely active outside as in normal times. Present times of pandemic make it all the more important for everyone to remain fit and healthy. Proper diet, healthy eating and regular workouts help us prepare for unforeseen health problems, allergies, climate changes and any risks of untimely illnesses. During the summer season, the heat bears down on us and makes workouts difficult and tiring. A few important tips can be handy during such times. Make workouts more beneficial and rewarding and keep your body ready for more and regular exercise every day, by making sure you are prepared in advance.

Tips to beat the summer heat during workouts


Take your time to ease up into the condition. Let your body adapt to the heat. Do not rush into the workout rhythm like normal. Slowly pace yourself into the regimen.

Pick the time

When you are aware of the extreme heat coming your way, pick the time for work out. Generally in the summer avoid exercises between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Choose the clothing wisely

You may want to avoid the tough cotton hoods and skin-tight tracksuits. They do not help in the summers at all. Choose light-coloured, loose-fitting workout clothes for comfort.

A layer of sunscreen

During the summers, UV rays take a toll on us. If working out in the sun or the open, layer yourself with a coat of UV protection sunscreens.


We may not realise that the body may be dehydrated and may need water. Hence, one must remain hydrated always. It would be better to drink a glass or two of water before going out or starting the workout. Sip water in between the regimen. Once the workouts are done with, wait for a little while and then drink plenty of water to make good the loss of water from the body.

Replace sports drink with fruits

Sports drinks and carbonated drinks may give a feeling of instant energy, but their high-calorie content may not be good for the body especially if you are looking for balanced body weight or weight reduction. In the heat, it is better to replace it with fruits or vegetables before or after exercising. Fresh fruit juice may help too.

Don’t overwork

Workout regimens that are aimed at certain goals- weight loss, abs strengthening, muscle building etc. may push one to keep working out more and more each day. But one needs to keep a tab on the heat in summers and balance the workout regimen accordingly. Do not overwork to the point you feels dizzy and go through extreme body pain.

Cold Shower

Wait for your body to return to normal temperature, normal heartbeat, and let the body adapt to the outside environment. Once everything is back to normal, go for a cold shower and feel the benefits of a workout affect your body.

Remember, working out and exercise is a great way to remain fit and healthy. Being careful in changing climates and situations and having a balanced diet to go with it, can do wonders for you.

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