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30 Jun 2021

Preventive Health Check-Ups

A stitch in time – How Preventive Health Check-ups can help

Modern lifestyle is challenging and demanding. Technological improvements and new-age gadgets make life easier for humans on one hand, but on the other, provide little incentive to improve the health. Modern medicines are a boon for mankind to finding cures for many illnesses. But, the demands of the new lifestyle, food habits and lack of exercise in our lives are pushing us into a cycle of constant lethargy and diseases.

One way to keep our health in check and be in good shape physically and emotionally is to undergo preventive health check-ups regularly. As the name suggests, it is a preventive measure against possible illnesses and health complications. The needs and requirements of the human body change with our age. As we grow old our body demands attention and care. Hence the frequency of health check-ups must increase with age. General health guidelines say that it is good to undergo health check-ups at least once every year.

Advantages of regular health check-ups

A health signboard

Regular health tests indicate how healthy our body is and how to keep ourselves in prime condition. It also warns us about any oncoming health risks.

Saves on future costs

Due to the rising medical costs, if any illnesses affect us in future, it may put a dent in our pockets and drain our savings. Timely and early diagnosis may help us to block any such health risks and save on huge future costs.

Now is the best time

An early diagnosis will avoid any future pain. Preventive health checkups help us know about any illnesses beforehand and the right intervention ends the possibility of the illness at an early stage itself.

Know those hidden stress issues

Stress-related diseases are becoming a norm today. These are hidden conditions that bring a lot of complications in future. Health check-ups can find the hidden stress problems that could affect overall health in future.

Good motivator

Often regular health tests act as a motivator to work hard and discipline oneself towards maintaining good health. We tend to keep our body in good condition and maintain good health to avoid seeing us in bad shape in health reports. This becomes a natural motivator to be healthy.

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