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Rebeca Plassmann


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HealthBay Community Care Clinic - Motor City

HealthBay Women's Care - Umm Al Sheif


Rebeca Plassmann is a highly skilled and dedicated midwife with expertise in English, German, and Welsh languages. With a passion for providing exceptional care to expectant mothers, Rebeca has established herself as a respected professional in the field of midwifery.

Rebeca’s journey began at Kings College Hospital London, where she received comprehensive training in midwifery. From 2016 to 2020, she honed her skills as a rotational midwife at the University Hospital of Wales, gaining valuable experience in a diverse range of maternity care settings. This experience equipped her with the knowledge and adaptability necessary to thrive in different healthcare environments.

In 2021, Rebeca transitioned to Kings College Hospital Dubai, assuming the role of a homecare midwife. In this capacity, she provided specialized care and support to women in the comfort of their own homes. Rebeca’s commitment to patient-centred care and her ability to establish a strong rapport with her clients has been instrumental in ensuring positive birthing experiences.

Rebeca holds a First Class Honors BSc in Midwifery from Kings College London and is currently pursuing her MSc in Advanced Midwifery Practice in the UK. Additionally, she has expanded her skill set through an Open University Degree in counselling. These qualifications reflect her dedication to continuous professional development and her commitment to delivering the highest standard of care to women and their families throughout their pregnancy journey.

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