Achieve smooth, beautiful skin with Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair easy, painless, and quick. Our laser specialists use the latest equipment for laser hair removal. This promotion is valid until August 31, 2022.

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Ensure Optimal Bone and Joint Health

Get up to date with the right bone and joint screenings with HealthBay’s comprehensive Bone and Joint Health Packages. Our Specialist Rheumatologist provides personalised consultation to discuss your bone and joint health background and performs all the necessary laboratory tests and risk assessments to diagnose a wide range of bone and joint problems.

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Specialist pregnancy care every step of the way

When you are an expectant mom you want to be sure that you get the most experienced and reliable care that supports you through a safe and healthy pregnancy. With HealthBay’s Exclusive Antenatal Package, we partner with you early in your pregnancy to provide personalised care through constantly monitoring your and your baby’s health, offering health and family history counselling to address any potential concerns, and conducting advanced screening tests to assess your baby’s development during every stage of pregnancy.

Antenatal Care Timeline

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Terms & conditions

  • Cash payments only
  • Appointments are subject to change at short notice due to deliveries and emergency surgeries in the Hospital


Post COVID Check-Up Package

With COVID-19, testing negative is only the first step in recovery. Its impact may remain hidden in the body long after the virus has left. To make sure you are in the pink of your health, we offer the Post COVID check-up package – a comprehensive examination to identify and resolve any underlying issues that may have resulted from COVID-19.

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Terms and conditions:
  • Additional diagnostic assessments or tests that may be requested by your doctor are subject to additional charges.
  • Cash payments only

Newborn Pediatric Physiotherapy/CranioSacral Therapy Package

Three Sessions (Newborn up to 3 months) Give them a good start in life

CranioSacral Therapy or CST is a wonderful and gentle bodywork modality for newborns. It helps your baby making a smooth transition from the womb to the world. It helps babies to relax and creates a base for bonding and development.

It promotes health and helps to resolve the effects of birth trauma. It facilitates the release of restrictions, tension and thereby supports overall wellbeing.

Price offer: 1,200 AED* (3 Sessions for the price of 2)

A session can include: Newborn movement assessment, Handling and positioning advice, Different positions and transitions, Advice on baby equipment and toys, Milestone check, Early intervention in case of feeding difficulties, irritability, colic/reflux, preference for one side, and beginning head shape problems.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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Male Wellness Check-up Offers

Timely and regular health checks help to catch potential health problems early, prevent the onset of serious medical conditions, and also boosts chances of treatment and recovery. Get exclusive offers on comprehensive health check-ups for men at HealthBay, starting at only AED 1,900.

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Female Wellness Check-up Offers

Women require special health screening and examinations that can help safeguard their health and wellbeing by picking up early warning signs of health concerns which in turn increases the effectiveness of preventive and corrective measures. Get exclusive offers on comprehensive health check-ups for women at HealthBay, starting at only AED 2,500.

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