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Prof Dr. Michael Weber
Consultant Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon
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Prof Dr. Michael Weber
Consultant Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Specialized Care

Prof. Dr. Michael Weber is a world-renowned, German Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon as well as a Professor of Orthopedics and Faculty Member of the internationally acclaimed University of RWTH in Aachen, Germany

He has published over 130 papers, five books and various scripts in the scientific field of Orthopedics and Trauma. Prof. Weber has presented 530 oral lectures nationally and internationally. He was chairman, moderator and lecturer of workshops in more than 330 national and international symposia and congresses.

Prof. Weber founded the Middle East’s foremost Center of Excellence for Limb Lengthening and Limb Reconstruction in Dubai. His aim in joining HealthBay is to bring new hope to children and adults in the UAE region who suffer from limb deficiencies, deformities and degeneration. Thus, serving the community with the latest limb lengthening and reconstructive technologies.

In addition to these techniques, Prof. Weber provides Pediatric Orthopedics, Foot Surgery, General Orthopedics and Trauma Treatment, Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, Technical Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine. In fact, Prof. Weber has performed more than 11,000 surgeries in Orthopedics and Traumatology including more than 3000 surgeries in the field of Limb Lengthening and Limb Reconstruction.

Prof. Weber has developed more than 30 proprietary operational techniques. He has developed worldwide the most successful operative techniques for longitudinal reduction deficiencies of the limbs. With his technique’s amputations of congenital malformed limbs in children can be prevented.

He was honored by internationally scientific and medical boards 26 times for his achievements.

Prof. Weber’s primary emphasis is on patient-centered care specializing in precise diagnostics followed by high standard conservative and reconstructive orthopedic treatment.


  • Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery
  • Pediatric Orthopedics [congenital and acquired diseases]
  • Limb lengthening and Limb Reconstruction [Hexapod systems, lengthening nail]
  • Cosmetic Lengthening [lengthening nail]
  • Foot Surgery [minimal invasive, complex deformities acquired and congenital]
  • Technical Orthopedics [modern orthotic care and prosthetics]
  • Chiropractic [spine and extremities]
  • Sports Medicine [conservative treatments, minimal invasive surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries etc.]
  • Regenerative Medicine [for osteoarthritis, bone defect, non-unions, pseudarthrosis, wound healing etc.]


  • Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany
  • Prof. Weber worked in three University Hospitals for Orthopedics [Freiburg, Heidelberg and Aachen / Germany] in one Academic Hospital for Traumatology, Hand and Plastic Surgery [Hamburg / Germany] and in University Institute for Pathology [Luebeck / Germany]
  • He was Director of Center for Limb Lengthening and Limb Reconstruction Pediatric Orthopedics and Foot Surgery [Aachen / Germany]
  • He was Director of Center for Limb Lengthening and Limb Reconstruction Pediatric Orthopedics and Foot Surgery [American Hospital / Dubai]
  • He was Director of Prof. Weber’s Institute of Orthopedic Excellence [BRMS / Dubai]

Treatment Approaches

Awards & Affiliations

  • 26 international honors and awards
  • Honorary President of ASAMI Germany [Association for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov]
  • Former President of the German-Arabian•Medical-Society
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