March 11, 2021

Post-COVID Syndrome – The Lingering Effects of Coronavirus

When it comes to COVID-19, testing negative is only the first step in recovery. Medical practitioners have realised that COVID-19 is not always merely a two-week illness. Many have reported that they experience the virus’s lingering effects, extending to weeks or even months after they have “recovered.” Experts have termed this Post-COVID Syndrome or long-haul COVID-19.

What are the indications of Post COVID Syndrome?

Symptoms of this syndrome include:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Lowered cognitive function
  • Sleep disorders


Although the exact symptoms vary, fatigue seems to be the most commonly found. The symptoms that appear sometimes bear no relation to any pre-existing conditions or symptoms experienced during the illness. For example, someone with no history of heart disorders may have an inflamed heart muscle due to Post-COVID Syndrome. In some cases, patients have also reported that they experience gastrointestinal issues, loss of sense of smell, and rashes, among other symptoms.

Who is at risk?

People who are vulnerable to develop this syndrome are those above 50 years of age, who experienced severe symptoms during the illness, and those with underlying conditions. However, in some cases, even those with mild or no symptoms have also felt the effects of Post-COVID Syndrome. Visiting a primary care physician for a general assessment at regular intervals post-testing negative is advised to battle post-covid syndrome.


Post-COVID Care

Specialised care and regular check-ups after testing negative are essential components in the Post-COVID regimen. Each person may require personalised treatment plans depending on the symptoms and their severity. However, the most commonly recommended tests include Body Test analysis, complete Blood count, Liver function test, Renal function test, Spirometry, Chest X-Ray, and Thorax CT scan. These tests will provide a good summary of the virus’s impact on general health.

At Healthbay, we offer a specialised health check-up package to examine these important and commonly affected organs. Our physicians will guide you at every step to take any additional tests as required.

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