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HealthBay's Well Woman and Child Centre is NOW OPEN!
22 August 2017

After two years of hard work and dedication, we are proud to announce the opening of our new branch on Al Wasl Road - HealthBay's Well Woman and Child Centre.

In addition to recruiting some renowned doctors, the new branch will also have on its board HealthBay doctors that have been with the clinic for a long period of time and have already established remarkable relations with the patients.

Each department will be headed by the team of some of the best doctors in Dubai, including Paediatricians, Endocrinologist, Urologist, Radiologists, Vascular Surgeons, GP and Family Medicine Specialists and Internal Medicine Consultants. To be able to provide the best medical care for women of all ages, the Centre has on board an experienced team of Gynaecologists and dedicated Breast Care department, led by Dr. Kinda Douaidari, Specialist Radiologist, and Woman Imaging Specialist. The Breast Care department will use revolutionary new screening and diagnostic breast imaging tools that are not currently available anywhere else in Dubai, to improve the early detection of breast cancer, including the state-of-the-art Digital 3D Mammogram and Contrast enhanced mammogram.


For more information please call 04 800 4272.

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