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14 May 2018

Ear Piercing Available At Healthbay Al Wasl!

Only a physician can guarantee ear piercing is carried out in safe, hygienic and professional way. We are proud to offer ear piercing service for adults and children with our E.N.T. Specialist in Al Wasl branch. The price is 450 AED and includes an earring.

After the ears are pierced, avoid infection by always keeping earrings clean. Wash your hands and then follow the instructions bellow:

  • At least one a day, apply a professional cleaning solution provided by the doctor, directly to the pierced hole and slide the studs back and forth in the ear to work the solution into the hole. Turn the stud (like winding a watch) a few times every day.

    When shampooing, be sure that the soap is completely rinsed from the ears. Cover ears when using spray cologne, hair spray or hair dye. Keep hair away from earns whenever possible during the healing period.

  • Leave training studs in for four to six weeks. For the first six months, do no longer than 24 hours without wearing earrings, otherwise the hole could begin to close. This will assure that the newly pierced hole will be formed properly. If after the four-week healing time, the ear feels sore when changing earrings, go back to training studs and continue these instructions for an additional one or two weeks.
  • After the four to six week training period, other post earring may be worn. These should be made out of gold, surgical stainless steel or sterling silver. No heavy earrings should be worn for at least four months after the training period.
  • Pain, redness or swelling is not a normal result of ear piercing. These conditions could indicate an allergic reaction to gold or that your body cannot tolerate a foreign object in the skin, or infection. Should any of these conditions occur, remove the earrings immediately and your physician at once.

To make your appointment, please call 800 HBPC (4272).

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