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Ensure your little one is getting the appropriate care. HealthBay Clinic offers a range of general and specialist paediatric care services, helping parents stay abreast of developments in their son or daughter’s health. Your child has special medical needs quite different from your own, so ensure that they are supported in the right way. We offer the services of a number of qualified and experienced paediatricians, helping you find a practitioner who best suits your family’s needs.

HealthBay Clinic makes it easy to get the support your family needs. As part of our dedication to working for the good of people across the city, our paediatricians can be found at clinics throughout Dubai, conveniently located in major developments such as Al Wasl Road, Motor City and Dubai Marina. Ensure you’re getting the guidance and support you need and make an appointment with our team today.

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For first-time parents, having the guidance of an experienced paediatrician can be a real boon, helping them make informed choices about their child’s health and lifestyle. At HealthBay, we provide a comprehensive suite of services for your child, ensuring you have access to qualified advice and guidance at every stage of their development.

From check-ups for children of all ages to dietary information ensuring they are getting the nutrients they need, we’re there for you. We can also help you ensure your child is properly immunised, and can help manage infections and illnesses if and when they arise, working towards optimal health outcomes for your little one.

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Make the right choice for your health and the health of your loved one and make an appointment with the team at HealthBay Clinic today. Send us your enquiry via our contact page and one of our team members will be in touch.

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