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What happens during the last weeks of pregnancy?

Your uterus is a pretty tight place and your baby who remains in one position for some time can be “moulded” into a specific position. That might cause problems like a baby’s feet to be turned inwards or the baby’s head leaning to the side. If your baby spends her/his final few weeks with their head tilted, it can give a slight tightness and shortening of muscles on one side of the neck compared to the other.

What happens during the labour and after the delivery?

The compressive forces on the head and neck of your baby during birth can cause an imbalance in your baby’s system. Often, these imbalances relieve spontaneously after birth as your baby cries or suckle. In the case of C-section, long labour, a difficult birth process with interventions as the use of ventouse or forceps, this spontaneous process of ‘un-moulding’ often is incomplete.
The strain on a baby in the womb or at birth may lead to dysbalances, misalignments, asymmetry in their system causing difficulties as:

• Crying, grunting, fuzziness
• Breastfeeding issues related to the tightness of the neck, jaw and tongue such as:
• Not being able to open the mouth wide to latch
• Clicking sounds during feeding
• Not being able to bring the tongue forward and cup it around the nipple
• Sliding off the breast while feeding
• Biting on the nipple
• Suckling problems
• Struggling with the milk flow
• Preferring one breast over the other
• Falling asleep or ‘fighting’ the breast
• Gagging easily
• Torticollis (head preference for one side), plagiocephaly (flattened head)
• Colic
• Reflux
• sleeping problems

How can Craniosacral Therapy & Paediatric physiotherapy help you and your baby?

• Relieves tightness in neck and jaw
• Relieves tightness in the rest of the body
• Relaxes jaw so opening of mouth can be more widely and comfortably
• Relieves tension inside mouth
• Increases range of motion of the tongue relieves bunching of the tongue
• Relaxes a baby’s sensitive gag reflex

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