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When your baby explores the world, he/she will use all of his/her senses from the early beginning. The hearing is a central part of the communication between you and your baby.

Long before your baby starts to speak, your baby is already learning the melody and the character of your language. Hearing your voice will enable your baby to interact with you and in turn strengthen your relationship.

1 in 500 newborn babies has hearing difficulties, starting from very mild up to the severe hearing loss. Unfortunately, the symptoms of a hearing loss are very inconsistent. This can cause the delay of the diagnosis of hearing loss. Often parents only get concerned when the child is showing retarded speech development.

The time frame for Newborn hearing screening is from birth until the age of approximately two to three months.

In case of the diagnosis of a hearing impairment, the supply of a hearing aid(s) should be done ideally within the first 5 to 6 months of life, long before your baby starts to speak.

What does the Newborn hearing screening test involve?

  • Newborn hearing screening is a quick and reliable objective hearing test to exclude a hearing loss.
  • The test is painless and takes only a few seconds for the test to be completed on each side.
  • The test detects the optoacoustic emissions (which is a sound produced by the normal hearing cochlea) via a very sensitive microphone.
  • Sometimes artificial sound (for example noisy breathing or movements of the baby) may interfere with the very faint of the emissions, therefore the test may need to be repeated on another day
  • There are no special preparations for your baby. Preferably, the baby should be sleeping during the test.


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