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At HealthBay, we will make sure you have a friendly face providing professional support, encouragement and care to you throughout your pregnancy with our midwife services in Dubai.We offer comprehensive and holistic care to childbearing women and their families. We employ fully Western trained staff. Our staff provide care within the for antenatal and postnatal education, care and support to women during and after their pregnancy. Our specialized services include the following:

  • Antenatal education – pregnancy is a critical time for a mother-to-be and having the right knowledge regarding the physiological changes and challenges that will take place can help mothers-to-be achieve the right physical and mental state beforehand.
  • Regular check-ups – a professional will check that both mother and baby are in good health throughout the various stages of pregnancy
  • Emotional support – in some cases, patients are affected by stress, anxiety, and post-partum depression. Our staff are trained to provide professional care and support to patients, so that they do not suffer from these conditions.
  • Baby care – we can assist with caring for the hygiene and health of the newborn baby, as the mother recovers.
  • Post-natal support – including assistance with the proper way of holding a newborn, lactation, baby bathing, and using milk pumps.

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