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The management of cholesterol and other lipids is not simple. Fortunately, the Lipid Clinic at HealthBay provides leading-edge services to help people understand and control their cholesterol levels effectively.

Many people are able to control their cholesterol levels through proper nutrition and exercise, and when necessary, with medications. But these methods don’t work for everyone. The Lipid Clinic offers care for people who:

• fail to achieve their cholesterol and triglyceride targets
• experience side effects from lipid medications
• have a genetic blood lipid abnormality
• have a strong family history of premature coronary heart disease
• have multiple heart attacks or heart procedures, despite achieving lipid targets

Our specialty Lipid clinic provides a wide spectrum of services which include:

• advanced lipid profiles, including homocysteine, lipoprotein(a), high-sensitivity c-reactive protein, and LDL and HDL
• reviewing blood work results and establishing individualized goals for cholesterol, triglycerides, diet, exercise and weight
• monitoring and evaluating follow-up blood work
• screening family members for high cholesterol
• teaching nutritious, heart-healthy diets
• Since lipid disorders are often inherited, we can work with your family to help prevent problems or detect them early.
• We work with you on a continuing basis to fine tune your treatment for the best results
• Explanation of lipid profile results
• Counseling on risk factors (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, overweight, sedentary lifestyle and family history)
• Risk factor modification(smoking cessation, exercise, weight loss, low-fat/low-cholesterol diet, diabetes education)
• Medication management

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