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Family comes first at HealthBay

That is why we have a department that is solely dedicated to ensuring the health and wellness of yours. If you are looking for a high quality family clinic in Dubai, HealthBay is more than ready to assist you.

A complete family clinic for all Dubai families

HealthBay’s department of Family Medicine offers a range of acute, chronic and preventive medical care for men, women and children of all ages based on high-quality, evidence based medicine. Our highly trained doctors will ensure that the health of your family benefits from first class healthcare tailored specially to your needs.

From providing medication for sicknesses such as flu and allergies to administering more specialized treatments and procedures, a family doctor from HealthBay will always be ready to assist you, every step of the way.

In addition to diagnosing and treating a host of conditions, our Western trained Family Medicine Specialists also provide preventive care, including routine check-ups, health risk assessments, immunization and screening tests, and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our complete range of healthcare services is designed to ensure you and your loved ones get the most out of life, and our fully-equipped family clinic in Dubai will work as the perfect support system so that you get the best care possible. Our healthcare services include the following:

  • Women’s and Men’s Health               
  • Elderly Medicine      
  • Gastroenterology                                 
  • Endocrinology                                        
  • Mental Health                                       
  • Travel medicine                                     
  • Skin Complaints                                     
  • ENT conditions
  • Allergy                                                     
  • Minor injuries               
  • Cardiology                                          
  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Sexual Health/contraception              
  • Urinary problems
  • Infections                                                 
  • Headaches/back ache/joint aches
  • Health promotion                                   
  • Stop smoking clinic

Let an expert family doctor help ensure the health and wellness of your loved ones today

Get in touch with the HealthBay Clinic in Mirdif, Motor City, Al Wasl or Dubai Marina! Refer to our contact us page for a complete list of our clinics and locations across Dubai. You can also email us at info@healthbayclinic.com for enquiries and concerns.

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