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Get the support you and your family needs. HealthBay Clinic provides a range of services through our experienced team of specialists, helping residents address a diverse range of problems from simple astigmatism to ocular damage caused by disease or trauma. We take the greatest care to ensure that every patient leaves our clinic fully informed of the available treatment options and satisfied with their care.

With as many as three quarters of people requiring some form of vision correction during their life, knowing you have the advice of a professional ophthalmologist available can give real peace of mind. We ensure that people across the city can access our services by keeping our consultation rates competitive. Know you can rely on the team of doctors at HealthBay Clinic to help you make the best decision for your health.

Providing the best care

Ensure you are equipped to manage your optical health throughout your life with advice, support and treatment from the medical professionals at HealthBay Clinic. We can provide a range of diagnostic, preventative and curative treatments, helping everyone achieve optimal health outcomes.

Our ophthalmology department is led by Dr. Tina Eckert, a German-born and educated specialist with a broad body of expertise, including providing laser treatment for retinal diseases, glaucoma and capsulotomy, vitreoretinal surgery for diabetic and vitreoretinal interface diseases. She can also provide care for paediatric eye conditions, helping parents to ensure their children are screened early and thoroughly for any potential eye problems.

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