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Dry needling is a modern Western medical technique that is performed by inserting acupuncture needles into a hyper-irritable trigger point (taught band within a muscle). It is a safe, effective and efficient way of restoring normal function to the body, especially when used alongside exercise therapy.
What does Dry Needling feel like?

Dry needling is generally a comfortable treatment and does not often cause pain. The patient will usually feel a gentle pin prick as the needle is inserted into the skin, this is followed by an involuntary fast twitch in the muscle belly (local twitch response) once the trigger point is located. Eliciting a local twitch response is the aim of the technique, as this is usually associated with relaxation of the muscle and subsequent pain relief. On occasions, the muscle may feel slightly achy after the needle is removed, however, this does not usually last longer than 1-2 days. If the muscle is very irritable, pain may radiate away from the localized area. This is a safe and normal physiological response.

Dry needling can help with:

• stiffness in muscles
• muscle pains and referred pains
• reduced strength or restricted movements due to trigger points
• pins and needles in arms and legs
• dizziness

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