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Baby massage is gentle and rhythmic stroking of your child’s body with your hands. Participants learn a combination of Swedish and Indian massage techniques along with some reflexology and yoga. The course is split into several unique sessions, during which a new massage technique is taught and practiced for a different part of the body. By the end of the course, the full baby massage technique will be learned and practiced. Parents receive informational handouts and massage oils at the end of the course, allowing them to continue the art of baby massage at home. Baby yoga concentrates on movements, stretches and holds for your baby. The practice incorporates singing and music. Baby yoga also gives parents an opportunity to stretch and move their own bodies while practicing relaxation techniques.

Benefits of Baby Massage and Yoga

Benefits for your Baby:

• Improved sleep patterns
• Stimulation of the immune system and circulation
• Promotes improved digestion and reduces ‘colic’
• Reduces the pain of teething
• Stimulates myelin (nervous system development)
• Strengthens and aids development of balance and coordination
• Fun and positive

Benefits for the Parent:

• Production of oxytocin ‘Feel good hormone’
• Promotes bonding
• Reduces postnatal depression
• Confidence in handling your baby
• Develops non-verbal communication with your baby
• Helps to regain strength, posture and balance