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Our antenatal classes in Dubai are offered on either a Wednesday evening or Friday morning. The course involves one class per week for four weeks. Topics covered include:
• Caring for yourself during pregnancy

• Active labour and birth
• Coping and relaxation strategies
• Possible challenges of labour
• Care of a new-born baby and breastfeeding/infant feeding

Our private antenatal classes can be provided in one or two sessions and are tailored to your specific needs. The sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis for you and your husband, within your own home. We cater to all locations in Dubai. Let us know your requirements and our team will make the necessary arrangements to meet your specific needs.

Why take antenatal classes?

The purpose of these classes is to educate expecting couples and inform them about what to expect throughout the pregnancy stage, including up to labour, childbirth, newborn baby care and post-natal care for the mother. Healthy diet and safe exercises for expecting mothers can also be covered, as well as information on different kinds of birth and interventions.

Taking an antenatal class prepares you and your partner for the arrival of your baby and helps you gain the knowledge and confidence to deal with any related challenges. If you have questions, worries or plans, you can discuss these with our experienced professionals so we can give you expert advice.

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Do you need more information on our antenatal programme? Call us on our toll-free hotline (800 4272) or send us an email at midwiveshealthbayclinic.com. You may also use our online contact form to send your enquiry.