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Dr. Tone Meyer Fjeld
Consultant Radiologist
HealthBay Polyclinic BR

Dr. Tone Meyer Fjeld
Consultant Radiologist

Women's Health

Dr. Tone Meyer Fjeld is Norwegian Board Certified Consultant Radiologist with 15 years of experience in a broad variety of Radiological disciplines.

She received her training at Oslo University Hospital (Norway) and became a certified specialist in General Radiology from The Norwegian Medical Association in 2011.

Since 2004 she has held various positions at Central Regional Hospital Vestfold and Oslo University Hospital and has also obtained a subspecialty in Interventional Radiology.

Prior to joining the HealthBay group, Dr. Tone Meyer Fjeld was the Senior Consultant, Head of Department of Interventional Radiology at Vestfold Hospital Trust, Norway from 2015 to 2018.

After relocating to Dubai in 2018, Dr. Meyer has worked in a private ultrasound diagnostic clinic, mainly performing ultrasound breast screening.

In addition to breast cancer detection and breast interventional procedures her main areas of expertise is vascular and general nonvascular intervention.


  • Female imaging (US, digital mammography, tomosynthesis and MRI)
  • Body imaging (US, Doppler, CT)
  • Vascular imaging (US, CT and MRI)
  • Contrast enhanced ultrassound
  • Chest imaging
  • Interventional procedures

Areas of Interest

  • Breast intervention: ultrasound guided biopsies, stereotactic vacuum assisted biopsies, ultrasound and mammography guided marker placement and pre-surgical wire localization
  • General nonvascular: biopsies, biliary drainage, nephrostomy, GI and oesophageal stenting, pericardiocentesis
  • Vacular: peripheral angiography and angioplasty, EVAR, emolization (post-partum, tumor, trauma, aneurysms, varicolcele), treatment of AV fistulas and graft malfunction, stentgraft repair, TACE, REBOA, thrombectomy, thrombolysis, sclerotherapy
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