Dr. Sarah Salam Rizk
Specialist Paediatrician

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HealthBay Polyclinic - Verve Villas Jumeirah
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  • Dr. Sarah Salam Rizk

Dr. Sarah Salam Rizk
Specialist Paediatrician

Spoken Languages: English, Arabic, French & Spanish



  • Acute and chronic paediatric illness
  • Paediatric rash and allergies
  • Well-child and vaccination
  • Infection disease
  • Adolescent Medicine
  • Newborn care
  • Growth and nutrition
  • Development and milestones
  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Parents counselling and education
  • Prenatal visits

Dr. Sarah is a Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Specialist who graduated from the American University of Beirut with five years of experience in many countries, such as Lebanon, Cuba, and in the UAE. She also has a Diploma in Paediatric Dermatology from France.

Dr. Sarah has worked with different NGOs targeting many communities. She was at the Shamma Clinic in Dubai, worked in her own private clinic in Beirut with admission privileges to hospitals, and was part of the Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation in Lebanon. She was working in American Hospital Dubai, as a Paediatrician and the Jumeirah clinic Director. She also participated in covering urgent care clinics and paediatric emergencies. She has a wide range of experience in assessing and treating paediatric acute and chronic illnesses, paediatric rashes and allergies, infectious diseases, routine newborn care, adolescent medicine, paediatric emergencies, well-baby and immunizations, growth and nutrition, and paediatric mental health.

Dr. Sarah has particular expertise in providing safe, efficient, and patient-centered care for children up to 18 years of age, an expert in preventive care strategies, accurate diagnosis, and parents counseling and education.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Medical Doctor degree, Universidad de Ciencas Medicas- Villa Clara , Cuba.
  • Paediatrics degree, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Paediatric Dermatology Diploma from University de Bourgogne, France.
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