Dr. Alice Nakhla
Consultant Clinical Pathologist

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  • Dr. Alice Nakhla

Dr. Alice Nakhla
Consultant Clinical Pathologist


Dr. Alice Nakhla is a Consultant Clinical Pathologist with more than 10 years of experience in laboratory medicine encompassing all disciplines of hematology, immunology and allergy, chemical pathology, and microbiology.

Dr. Nakhla graduated with honours in 2001 from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. After graduation, she received her Master’s degree in Clinical and Chemical Pathology in 2007, followed by a Medical Doctorate Degree in Clinical and Chemical Pathology, both obtained from the Cairo University.

She served as a post-doctoral research fellow in the clinical and chemical pathology department at the National Research Centre, the largest multidisciplinary research and development centre in Egypt. During her tenure at N.R.C., she worked as a Pathologist at the Medical Services Unit of the Excellence Centre.

Early in her career, she has also worked for Alfa Lab Egypt, one of the five mega-labs in Egypt as a specialist clinical pathologist at the Hematology Department.

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