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Prof. Kefah Mokbel

Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

Breast Care Specialized Care

Professor Mokbel was named in Tatler magazine’s Best Doctors Guide as one of the featured ‘Top Breast Surgeons’ in 2006 and 2007 and in November 2010 he was named in the Times magazine’s list of Britain’s Top Doctors. He graduated (MB,BS) from the University of London in 1990. Kefah was awarded several prestigious prizes during his undergraduate medical training and achieved the highest score in General Medicine (MB,BS finals) at The London Hospital Medical College. He qualified as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS, England) in 1994. He was granted the Master of Surgery degree in 2000 by The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine for his research in the field of molecular biology of breast cancer.

Professor Mokbel’s clinical interests in the field of breast surgery include the early detection of breast cancer, breast ductoscopy, minimally-invasive breast surgery, sentinel node biopsy, skin-sparing mastectomy, intraoperative radiotherapy, breast reconstruction, cosmetic breast surgery, prevention of breast cancer, genetic predisposition, and the management of benign conditions including breast cysts, mastalgia and fibroadenomas. His main research interest lies in the field of molecular biology and the clinical management of breast cancer. His prolific research output includes over 200 published papers in medical literature. He has also written 14 books in various disciplines including surgery, oncology, breast cancer, and postgraduate medical education and is a member of the editorial board of several international medical journals.

Prof Mokbel has supervised a significant number of higher postgraduate degrees in the field of breast cancer including PhD, MSc, MD and Master of Surgery degrees. In addition to his expertise in breast cancer surgery, Prof Mokbel is the founding president of, Breast Cancer Hope, a UK-based charity aimed at improving the quantity and quality of life in women with breast cancer.

In November 2013, The American website Expertscape has ranked Prof. Kefah Mokbel as the top (No. 1) Breast Expert in London: http://t.co/66QuX08WbJ.