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Peter Winters


Specialized Care

Peter is an Irish physiotherapist qualified for over 10 years and with a lot of experience in the areas of orthopaedics, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and sports medicine.

Peter completed his BSc(Hons) in Physiotherapy from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland and then a number of years later gained his MSc in sports and exercise medicine/physiotherapy, at which time he was honoured to be awarded the ‘Mary Walsh’ gold medal for top achievement. Peter has also qualified as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Other qualifications he holds include; injury management and fitness in sport, spinal manual therapy, dry needling, and injection therapy.

Peter’s area of specialty is in the field of sports medicine, particularly football and in Injury Prevention. He has worked with two premier league teams in Ireland, most notably Bohemians FC and a stint with Fulham FC in the UK. He has also treated professional athletes in many different sports such as; rugby, golf, and athletics and provided care for professional dancers and acrobats within Cirque du Soleil.

Peter’s favoured approach with rehabilitation is two-fold and he tries to deal with them concurrently. Firstly, he treats the injury or pathology that has occurred and secondly he seeks to understand ‘why’ it happened in the first place. He does this by functionally and bio-mechanically evaluating his patients’ alignment and movement patterns. He believes that running is a very important component of a person’s dynamic ability, which needs special attention and assessment and is often overlooked. This type of assessment provides significant clues as to why particular types of repetitive strain injuries or overload injuries may be occurring.

Peter insists that functional recovery is also very important for patients and plays a cornerstone in his care, training and rehabilitating patients so that they can return to their previous levels of activity. With his previous experience lecturing at conferences and universities, Peter also places special emphasis on the importance of education in successful recovery – stressing that apart from therapists being educated to the highest levels of care for patients, patients also need to educate themselves on what is best for their recovery.