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HealthBay Training Centre, JLT

Nisrine Bou Frem

First Aid Instructor

Family Care

Nisrine Bou Frem is a British qualified First Aid Instructor, Baby Yoga & Massage Instructor, and a Baby Swimming Instructor.

She completed her studies as a Baby Yoga & Massage Instructor at Blossom and Berries in London. Subsequently, she completed her course to become a First Aid Instructor at Highfield and Baby Swimming at Birthlight, UK. She has worked in Dubai for 6 years with the HealthBay group and has become a vital part of the team.

Nisrine believes in the principal of Baby Yoga & Massage Technique as a wonderful way to assist in the process of bonding between a parent and baby. In addition, she believes being a First Aid Instructor has given her the chance to be a lifesaver, and she hopes to impart this message to other parents and caregivers.