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Jeannine Deitos

Clinical Psychologist

Holistic Care

Jeannine Deitos is a qualified Clinical Psychologist from Brazil, specializing in Family and Couple Therapy with an approach in systemic therapy and psychodynamic.

She has extensive experience working with individuals seeking treatment for relationship and parenting difficulties as well as those struggling with depression, anxiety, and stressful or traumatic life events. Counseling and Psychotherapy are provided in a safe and supportive environment and a collaborative relationship is developed using treatment approaches that are tailored depending on the person’s unique needs.

Jeannine’s background and experience include Psychosomatics, Hospitals, and individual/group therapy as well Career guidance and reorientation. She also lectured in Chronic Disorders for the Hospital Program.

Jeannine consults in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy consists of a clinical relationship between the client and therapist to explore and understand the underlying emotional experience, thinking patterns and outward behaviors for the purpose of preventing trouble, alleviating current distress and improving resilience. Jeannine’s approach is collaborative and respectful of the client’s personal dignity whilst empathizing with their situation.

Couple and Family Therapy

Jeannine’s approach is based on systems theory, which essentially means looking for interactional behaviors that are created by multiple people in the room and in light of boundaries between individuals, particularly the transaction that is created between the parent and child and couples learning to be a single unit as well as separate individuals.

Parent Counselling

Jeannine helps families through difficult transitions with their kids.  Through in-depth consultations Jeannine provides solution focused support and advice to parents when facing difficult behaviors, mental health problems, educational challenges, major life transitions or just when needing some direction and support.

Career Counselling

Career counseling is typically short-term. Jeannine supports her clients to feel more satisfied, successful and fulfilled in their vocation. Career counselling assists clients in reaching their occupational goals from choosing a career path to enhancing performance and figuring out a better work-life balance.