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Dr. Luay Al Azzawi

Specialist Aviation and Aerospace Medicine

Holistic Care

Dr. Luay Al Azzawi, Senior AME designated by GCAA, FAA, and GACA,  is in charge of directing HealthBay’s newly opened and operational Aeromedical Clinic.

Dr. Luay is a highly experienced and well reputed Senior Aerospace Medicine Examiner, working since 1989 as an AME, for several local Civil Aviation Authorities.  He is a MOH Licensed Aviation Medicine Specialist and DHA Licensed Aerospace Medicine Specialist.

Dr. Luay is leading a full capacity Aerospace Medicine Clinic, providing the Aviation Industry with the complete scope of Medical Assessment Services inclusive of:


  • Initial Medical Assessment for all Medical Classes
  • Renewal  Medical Certification for all Medical Classes
  • Periodical Assessment for all Medical Classes
  • Sickness Reports
  • Reinstatement Endorsement
  • Follow-up Assessment
  • Medical Boards Assessment


Aviation Medicine Clinic provides a time efficient turnaround with our established on-site laboratory, imaging facilities and supportive medical specialties.