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Dr. Katalin Kalmar

Specialist General Surgeon

Specialized Care

Dr. Katalin Kalmar is a consultant colon and rectal surgeon and specialist general surgeon working at Healthbay Polyclinic and at Mediclinic Dubai Mall with admission privileges in Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai. She is a European Board Certified Coloproctologist by the European Board of Surgical Qualifications (EBSQ coloproctology) and a Hungarian Board Certified General Surgeon and Surgical Gastroenterologist. 

Dr. Kalmar graduated from the University of Pecs in Hungary, and completed her surgical residency training at the Department of Surgery, University of Pecs and at Lanarkshire NHS Trust Hospitals in Scotland, United Kingdom. She trained in colorectal surgery at the prestigious St Mark’s Hospital and Academic Institute in London, United Kingdom.

She is an Associate Professor at the University of Pecs in Hungary and holds a Ph.D. degree in surgery of the stomach and a Dr. Habil Degree in investigations and surgery for functional proctological diseases.

Her main interests are diseases of the rectum and anus, such as: hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistula, pruritus ani, proctalgia fugax, obstructed defecation, incomplete evacuation, pelvic floor descent, anismus, non-relaxing puborectalis syndrome, anal incontinence, and rectocele. Symptoms of these diseases fall in just a few categories, such as anal pain, bleeding on the toilet, anal lump, difficulties at defecation etc. There is a special investigation to clarify these problems: anoscopy, rectoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, anorectal manometry, endoanal ultrasound, and proctography, done by herself. Treatments are often conservative and if necessary surgical.