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Dr. Amer Saadeddin

Consultant Psychiatrist

Holistic Care

Dr. Amer Saadeddin is a well-respected and highly regarded Arab Board Certified Consultant Psychiatrist with over 28 years of experience in public and private inpatient and outpatient settings.

He obtained his M.B.B.Ch. in 1985 from Baghdad University and subsequently specialized in Psychiatry in France where he received his A.F.S.A in 1994.

Dr. Amer has practiced as the Psychiatrist for Dubai Police for over six years where he cared for the policeman and their families and extended his service to prisoners and detainees. He was also the Community Psychiatrist for American Hospital Dubai and Neuro Spinal Hospital. He is a licensed Aeromedical Examiner for GCAA-UAE.

Dr. Amer has set up and runs support groups for ADHD and MS and has appeared in several media, including TV, radio and various print media, passionately discussing topics related to psychiatric disorders. He is frequently invited to deliver lectures and conduct workshops at international conferences and meetings.