Get the specialized support you need. HealthBay provides a range of services for women, helping to address their unique health concerns. Putting the greatest importance on friendly, relevant, responsive treatment, we aim to have every patient leave our clinics satisfied with their care and more informed about their body.

Access to specialized healthcare services that meet their unique needs is essential to every woman. To help every woman get the support she needs to live a healthier and more fulfilling life, we endeavor to keep our services as accessible as possible, delivering professional care at a price more people can afford. Discuss your needs with our staff and make an appointment today.

HealthBay offers a full range of diagnostic, preventative and reparative treatment options through our women’s care departments, as well as a full suite of medical imaging services. We understand the diversity of health issues girls and women of all ages face and endeavor to offer a comprehensive care plan that meets your health needs and concerns at all stages of your life from puberty to your first child, menopause and into old age.

Our women’s care medical team is composed of highly-experienced professionals, carrying respected qualifications from sought-after international educational institutions. We understand the importance of compassion and patience in this sensitive area of health, so whether you’re engaging us for a Pap smear, midwifery and other prenatal treatment or a general check-up, expect to be fully informed of all available treatment options in the way you can understand.

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