Testicular tumors are the most common solid organ tumors in men between 15 and 35 year old. The risk of developing this tumor is higher in persons with history of undescended testis. Screening includes self-exam of tests and a consultation with a Urologist if you are experiencing any hard area in the testicle (the most common presentation). Testicular tumors are easy to diagnose and exam, simple ultrasound and blood test for tumor markers should be done. Treatment includes surgical treatment that may need to be followed with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy if needed. Furthermore, cure rates from testicular tumors are very high and exceeds 90% in most cases. Please visit our Urology clinic in HealthBay if you have any suspicious hard lumps in the testis, have testicular pain or you want to do tumor screening.

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Dr. Hosam Al-Qudah
Consultant Urologist

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