The HealthBay Centre for Functional Urology and Neuro-urology provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment to patients with bladder and lower urinary tract problems.

Urinary tract disorders are significantly underreported and undertreated in our society. One of the main impediments to treatment is the embarrassment many patients feel in discussing these sensitive issues. Our staff is committed to preserving patient dignity and providing the highest quality care and comfort.


What We Treat

Bladder Conditions

The Urology Department offers highly specialized care for conditions such as:

  • Urinary incontinence (inability to hold urine)
  • Voiding dysfunctions (difficulty urinating on incomplete emptying of the bladder)
  • Chronic pelvic pain (pain in genital and anal area)
  • Interstitial cystitis/Bladder pain syndrome (a condition that can mimic a urinary tract infection)
  • Acute and chronic urinary tract infections (cystitis)
  • Bedwetting (enuresis) and nocturia (frequent urination during the night not related to prostate conditions)
  • Polyuria (excessive production of urine due to a lack of a hormone)


Kidney Conditions

Kidney conditions treated by our team include:

  • Kidney infections and inflammations (pyelonephritis, cysts)
  • Kidney and ureteral stones (hard salt and mineral deposits in the kidneys that pass into the urinary tract)
  • Uretero-pelvic strictures (a narrowing of ureter due to a congenital malformation causing dilatation and pain in the kidney)

Prostate Conditions

Physicians offer men treatment for conditions of the prostate, including minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery. The team addresses:

Male Health and Reproductive System Conditions

Dedicated care to assisting patients with a wide range of conditions of the male genital and reproductive system, including:

Diagnosis and Treatment with Urology

Diagnosis with Urology

Diagnostic testing may include:

  • Measurement of the flow of urine (urine flow rate)
  • Urodynamic testing to examine the filling and emptying of the bladder
  • Examination of the bladder and prostate with a telescopic camera (cystoscopy)
  • Male fertility testing
  • Neurophysiology evaluation with a machine that detects electrical activity of pelvic floor muscle and the integrity of nerves
  • Duplex Ultrasound for varicocele and erectile dysfunctions


Treatment with Urology

Medical or surgical treatment options may be available for most of urological conditions. The Urology Department doctors are experienced in performing several advanced procedures to treat urologic diseases, including:


Pelvic Health Centre

Pelvic floor disorders like pelvic pain, urinary and faecal incontinence, voiding dysfunctions, endometriosis can often be successfully treated and improve quality of life. The caregivers in the Pelvic Health Centre at Healthbay work as a multidisciplinary team that includes specialities from Urology and Neurourology, Gynecology, Colorectal Surgery, Gastroenterology, Physical Therapy, Radiology and Nursing.

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