Andrzej Sulimierski

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Andrzej Sulimierski

Specialized Care

Andrew Graduated from the Academy of Physical Education (AWF) in Warsaw, Poland in 2005. He worked in private and governmental physio facilities in Poland, Germany and the USA in both inpatient and outpatient setups before coming to Dubai in 2009. Sharing his interest between orthopedic/sports injuries and neurological adult conditions. After 9 months of the medical residency program in California, Andrew received recognition as an international PNF Therapist and as a result was asked to join one of the Neurological hospitals in Dubai.

Andrew mostly works with adult patients, when in the early stage of the carrier he mastered neurological patients focusing mostly on the gait training and spastic patients. Advancing his skills focused mostly on spinal and orthopedic post-surgical patients along with MSK patients. His favorite methods are hands-on treatments including PNF approach greatly used for facilitation of quality movement, posture, and manual therapy approaches decreasing pain and joins dysfunction along with deep dry needling. Andrew also has experience with fast on field evaluation and 1st line treatment physio services for sports competitions (Cycling, obstacle course races, rugby, etc.). This experience combined with his involvement with cycling and swimming gives him a good understanding of athletic patients.

He also had the opportunity to work closely with conditions sustained in the aviation environment by flight attendants and pilots related to on board injuries. In total Andrew worked in 3 Dubai based facilities where he held supervisory and deputy managerial posts.

Andrew has also been involved in leading the Polish Cycling Club in the UAE and Polish Medical Platform in the Gulf gathering Polish Medical Practitioners. Due to the involvement in treating Emirati and Kuwaiti patients in Dubai since 2009 he acquired practical Arabic language skills. He communicates easily with patients, resulting in preparation of Emirati-English phrasebook for medical practitioners in the UAE in 2019.

Languages: English, Arabic, Polish

Special Interests

  • Gait treatment
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Scoliotic patients
  • Ataxic patients
  • Hemiplegia and hemiparetic patients
  • Post-surgical rehab

Andrew leads the Polish Medical Platform in GCC ( gathering Polish medical practitioners in Gulf countries. He is also involved with the Polish medical tourism scene making it become more recognizable in the Gulf region. Worked as Deputy Manager of Physiotherapy Department in Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery Dubai taking care of orthopedic patients with majority originating from UAE and Kuwait.

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