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Orthopaedics Department

The Orthopaedics department at HealthBay provides outstanding, state-of-the art, care for patients of all ages with conditions related to bones joints and muscles. We dedicate ourselves to patient care, education and provide the best and most appropriate care to each of our patients. Our goal is to provide the most relevant support to each client, helping them achieve the optimal outcome for their health.

Whether you’re an athlete or simply someone concerned about their health, we want to make getting the help you need from qualified orthopaedic doctors simple and easy. With a dedication to accessible care, we ensure that getting the orthopaedic support that best helps you achieve your lifestyle goals is simple and easy. Discuss your needs with our team today to find out how we can assist you.

Meeting the needs of a diverse populace

Our reputable Orthopaedic surgeons and doctors offer expertise in a wide range of preventive and treatment options, including acute trauma and elective reconstructive care. Ongoing orthopaedic support is essential for everyone, especially as they age or engage in strenuous physical activity. From sporting injuries to chronic joint problems, our team is equipped to help you manage a variety of orthopaedic concerns.

All HealthBay Clinic staff understand the key importance that compassion plays in every patient interaction. Our goal is always to help you better understand your own body and the range of treatment options open to you. To this end, our specialists will always endeavour to explain issues in the simplest way possible. Ensure you’re equipped to make informed choices about your health with support from our orthopaedics department.

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Dr. Babak Ansari
Specialist in Orthopaedics Surgery
Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Gustavo Reque Rydberg
Medical Osteopathic Medicine & General Practitioner
Dr. Stephan Ortner
Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon

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