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Newborn hearing screening

The newborn hearing screening is an easy and painless hearing test where it can be identified if the baby is hearing fine. The test usually takes a few minutes and during the test, your baby can be asleep.

It is important to identify hearing loss early. Early identifications allow you as parents to make decisions about your child’s care that can improve speech, language, and social development. Babies start to develop language from the very first days. They are learning and interacting with the sounds and voices around them. Approximately 1-2% of newborns are affected by hearing loss. The cause of hearing loss for many babies is not known, and hearing loss can remain to go unnoticed for years. But, when a baby is born with hearing loss, many sounds and voices are not heard and the child’s speech and language can be delayed.

When is the best time for the screening?

1-2 weeks after birth, because some babies still have some amniotic fluid in the Paranasal sinuses and the middle ear.

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