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An audiologist is the professional who specializes in evaluating and treating people with hearing loss. Audiologist holds masters of doctoral degrees in the identification, treatment and prevention of hearing loss for people of all ages. An Audiologist will conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation which will explain your hearing condition to you and will refer you for medical treatment if necessary. Audiologist prescribes, fits and dispense hearing aids and other assistive listening devices if needed.

The Audiology Department provides a range of tests on to determine the presence, type and extent of hearing loss and balance disorders allowing for accurate clinical diagnosis of hearing related conditions in new-borns, children and adults.
Audiology services at HealthBay include:

– New-born hearing screening (OAE)
– ABR/BERA (Auditory Brainstem Response)
– All kinds of hearing tests for adults and children
– Hearing aid services
– Consultation, fitting, adjustment and service
– Customized earplugs

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