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Dr. Zsuzsanna Ignacz

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ignacz is Board Certified Aesthetic and Plastic surgeon. She graduated with a Cum Laude in 1983 from the Semmelweis Medical Institute in Budapest, Hungary.  After graduating, she finished her specialization in General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery in Hungary.

With more than 15 years of experience in plastic surgery gained by working for some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in Hungary including her private practice “Medical Cave”, Dr. Zsuzsanna is proven to be one of the best in her field.

Her services include:

  • Gold face rejuvenation, reinforcement/face, neck

  • Eyelids Plastic surgery

  • Ear plastic Otoplasty

  • Facelift

  • Mini-lift

  • Double chin surgery

  • Wrinkle filling

  • Lip augmentation (permalip)

  • Botox

  • Hyaluronic acid filler

  • Liposuction

  • Scar derma roller treatments

  • Varady type venaplastic

  • Laser face rejuvenation

  • Intime plastic surgery /Perfect labii minor

  • Circumcision

  • Mesotherapy fat lipolysis

  • Kybella Mesotherapy of double chin

  • Benign tumor

  • Chemical Peeling/Image

  • Skin tech peeling

  • Sclerotherapy

Dr. Zsuzsanna is a member of prestigious associations including Hungarian Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Association, MPHEST, Private Doctor Section and Hungarian Chamber of Doctors.
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