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Dr. Rola Saliby

Specialist Paediatrician

Family Care
Dr. Rola Saliby is a Board Certified Specialist Pediatrician. She graduated from Medical School at the University of Damascus in 2008. Her graduation was followed by 4 years of a general pediatric training at the General Children’s Hospital in Damascus, where she obtained the highest degree from the Ministry of Health as a Certified Specialist Pediatrician.

In 2010, she started working in St. Louis Hospital, one of the biggest international private Hospital in Damascus, where she treated all kinds of pediatric problems with a focus on chronic disease, infection disease, a disease of newborn and check-ups. During her career in Damascus, she worked for some of the best hospitals, where she extended her knowledge and expertise as one of the best pediatricians in Syria.

Dr. Saliby is experienced in all fields of general pediatrics and she is licensed to practice medicine in Syria and Dubai.

She is fluent in Arabic and English.
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