February is more than just a month to celebrate loving hearts during St. Valentine’s Day, it’s a time to celebrate healthy hearts, too. When we talk about heart health, we are talking about preventing and delaying the cardiovascular disease.

Overall, cardiovascular disease is an acquired disease that results from factors like high blood pressure and cigarette smoking — which also means that it is largely preventable. While genetics do play a role in every aspect of heart disease, the majority of cases are due to risk factors that can and will respond to lifestyle modifications.

It is important to know that heart disease affects both genders, with the risk seriously underestimated for women. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, causing about one death per minute. Children are also at risk of heart disease which may occur before they are born, and the risk grows during childhood by adopting bad habits such as inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise and exposure to tobacco smoke.

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